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Chloe Interview with Designer Altuzarra


AG: Before I begin, I have to say that I was really impressed with your Spring 2014 collection. This must be a very exciting time since you have joined Kering (formerly named PPR) group. Do you feel as if this is the new beginning for Altuzarra?

JA: (smiles) Thank you. Yeah, I think it is a really great next step for Altuzarra. You know we’ve always grown in very considered ways and always taken our time and making sure that whatever we were doing felt right and it felt like the right moment. In this particular case we had a very easy, organic conversation. I think the partnership will help us grow. We are already working with them and they are wonderful. We look forward to these new steps.


AG: Looking at your collection we get a flavor of Greek and Japanese cultures. How did it happen?

JA: A part of it was the mood we where developing. We were interested in something that’s quite poetic, that felt quite humble. It was something that felt relevant for right now. I was also in Greece for the summer. I think being there and soaking up that environment which is also really inspiring. There was something very lyrical and poetic about that place.



AG: Do you always try to travel to get some new inspiration?

JA: No, it is weird…. a lot of time we travel and I think it is beautiful but it doesn’t necessarily have an effect on what we are doing. But this time I think it was so inline with the spirit that I was looking for and it felt really right.


AG: I think it was so fascinating how you brought together the Japanese boro patchwork, leather fringe trim, menswear-inspired stripe silk, gorgeous metallic draped pieces and everything is still so easy and wearable.

JF: It was all in the spirit. It felt very special but also poetic and easy. There was nonchalant to it. Even the dresses at the end in Lamé that were gold and silver, have pockets. There is something easy about them.


AG: In on of your previous interviews you have mentioned that you were drawing a lot growing up. Was there something specific that you were into?

JA: I think I drew people a lot. I drew a lot of different things. I only started drawing close later in life.


AG: I know that you were born and razed in Paris and than you moved to New York. Both cities are so powerful in their own way. Do you feel more inspired in Paris or NYC?

JA: I think both inspire me. In a way New York is very inspiring because of its culture and the energy is so powerful. They (There) are also very much in American sports wear, a sense of ease, pragmatism and functionality. The French side of me is very inspired by French women. How they dress….how they age…


AG: There is something sexy about them in a settle way…Elegant. I can definitely see it in your designs.

AG: How did you feel when you saw a woman on the street wearing your design for the very first time?

JA: (smiles) It was nice…It was a while ago. I remember feeling really happy. Because it is really what I do this for. So it was a really great feeling.


AG: Every time I view your collections I have a desire to be that women. How did you create her?

JA: We had a very clear idea of who we wanted to dress and who the woman was from the beginning. She is self-confident and incredibly sensual. As we refine collection through collection we are able to be more and more persuasive about who it is that we are dressing

AG: I always find interesting what artists, creative minds find their most favorite places in the world.

JA: I love New York

AG: Is there a specific spot that you love?

JA: I love my home (laughs)

AG: What do you love to do in your free time?

JA: I eat a lot (laughs)

AG: I definitely cannot tell that

JA: (laughs)


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