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Wine Style Holiday 2014

Sip, Savour, Share and Be Happy

Every day this season holds a chance for you to share and connect with your loved ones – and nothing brings people together more than wine. Rejoice in the moment, find adventure and make laughter your priority. Right now is the time to sip, savour and be happy!

With the changing of the seasons comes a natural change to your wardrobe – and the same experience can happen on your palate. As we move from summertime sipping to savouring cooler temperatures, you may find yourself yearning for more medium-bodied varietals. That is exactly what is supposed to happen! Similar to your wardrobe, it is now time to put some items and colours away, and bring out new styles that fit the time of year. While there are bottles you are happy to drink all year round (just like your favourite pair of jeans), remain open-minded to switch things up and challenge those around you as well. Bring out the cheese and wine, and share the fun by opening a bottle of something new and exciting. Experiment with new regions, varieties and foods and get adventurous. You only live once, and there is so much wine to try!

The holidays are a time to celebrate – another year has passed filled with life’s joys and trials – and you deserve it! When it comes to feasting and festing, wine is the perfect accessory with every menu and occasion. You can never have too many bottles on hand for the holidays, and wine is always the perfect gift. From conversation to opinions, wine can connect even the most unlikely of friends and family. Open a bottle of wine to indulge and share – spread the love all around and the universe will provide the rest.

Union Noir 2013 (2)

Union Noir  –

This is a perfect example of a beautiful lighter-bodied Canadian red wine with fragrant aromas and flavours that will keep you coming back for more. It is like your little black dress – it always looks great, and feels good on too.


Apothic Red –

With hints of black cherry, vanilla and mocha, this wine inspires mystery. It is made with California’s signature grapes: Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It’s spicy, dark, bold and smooth.

LCBO 376145 radio boka tempranillo highres

Radio Boca –

A Spanish wine with a modern feel, this is a great bottle to enjoy with tapas-style appetizers in the company of friends. It simply calls for celebration.

Pessoa TN Reserva DOC Douro 2010 (2)-1

Pessoa da Vinha

This bottle is a great old world discovery and offers amazing value. It is balanced, charming and has great character. Just like a great holiday outfit.

WH 13 SB

Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc –

The signature white grape of New Zealand, this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc brings a touch of elegance and finesse to your event. It is perfect for entertaining friends and family over a holiday brunch.


Louis M. Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon –

Made by 3rd Generation winemaker Louis M. Martini, this California Cabernet exudes passion and is beautifully structured and delicious. Pair this wine with a good friend, a great steak dinner, and dark chocolate.

Pure 2012

Trapiche Pure Malbec –

A fantastic example of a Malbec with an angelic personality. There is no oak used in the making of this red wine, so all you taste is pure fruit and terrior. To compare its purity, put it back to back with another Malbec.

Extravaganza  Red Blend 2012 rojo

Trapiche Extravaganza Red Blend

Mysterious and dark, this blended wine is sure to bring out your guests’ adventurous and fun side. The perfect party mixer, pair this wine with nibblers that fit the extravaganza theme.

Shiraz new 750ml pack shot conv

Two Oceans Shiraz –

Right now is the season for Shiraz. If you haven’t fallen for South African wine yet, what are you waiting for? This iconic and respected brand is created by the sun and cool sea breeze at the tip of Africa. Unique and wonderful, this wine is from one of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

FDC Chardonnay

Fleur De Cap Chardonnay – 

The perfect Chardonnay. This is a seriously great wine. It has great balance and is very well crafted. A must try if you love Chardonnay.


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