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Made for wine enthusiasts who appreciate all things extraordinary and timeless, the Chloe Wine Collection is crafted to inspire your own memorable occasions. This holiday savour your memorable moments with friends and family over a bottle of Chardonnay or Red No. 249. The Chloe Wine Collection offers the structure and depth of exceptional fruit sourced from the world’s preeminent growing regions in Northern California to create elegant wines with sophisticated intensity. Named after the ancient word meaning “blooming,” Chloe wines are radiant and burgeoning with beautiful aromas and luxurious flavors that entice the senses.

Georgetta Dane, the Head Winemaker of The Chloe Wine Collection sources grapes from prized vineyards across Northern California to craft ultra-premium, alluring wines with elegant intensity perfect for this holiday season and any personal wine collection. She appreciates coaxing the fullest expression out of the grapes in each of Chloe’s wines to showcase the high-quality fruit. This dedication to the grapes and winemaking process allows for each of Chloe’s wines to blossom into a well-balanced yet luxurious liquid that delivers a distinctive sensual experience with each and every sip. Georgettta is especially passionate about creating wines that enable sophisticated consumers to create timeless memories during special occasions and capture beautiful moments in the every day.

Whether it’s a romantic night in with your beloved, an evening with a special friend or a family gathering these wines are sure to inspire great conversations, attract the senses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In wine as in love, finding your perfect match is an exciting journey, and Chardonnay is no exception. Chloe Chardonnay is full, bold and extremely lovable. A bottle anyone would be happy to add to his or her collection and also share with a friend.

The world of wine has been built on the historical ‘art of the blend’. Like any great relationship, when multiple ‘personalities’ come together, they can bring out the best in the other and complement eachother’s strengths. Chloe Red No. 249 is a perfect example of great combinations reaching success. A sexy red wine full of sophistication and sensuality.

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