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Wine Style with Angela Aiello


“When it comes to appreciating wine there is no black or white.  Every wine is to be valued for exactly what it is and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Just like fashion, wine is to be looked at with a lens of discovery and curiosity. It is about adventure, personality and individuality. Every wine is beautiful and can show you something new, and to me that’s the best part about it.”



“Two of the greatest gifts we have been given on this earth are wine and roses. Nothing compares to the feelings they evoke. From romance to aroma, they are both examples of love, commitment, beauty and patience. I consider both to be the greatest symbols of passion – and two things a girl can never get enough of.”


“Discovering your wine style is like finding your personal fashion sense. It is about trying things on and testing things out. The bottles you choose to open and enjoy will fluctuate based on your mood and the weather. When it all comes together – food, wine, company and preference – it’s simply pure bliss.”


“Wine is magic. There are no words for what it has brought into my life and the lessons it has taught. The more grapevines struggle, the more character the wine will have. Is life as in wine?”

“From grape to glass, wine is the only beverage that has vintage variation. No matter how much you know about wine, each and every year there is something new to learn, to wait for and taste.”


“There is a moment when wine touches your lips, and the world stops for just a second. To me, that is special. So much work goes into every sip – every bottle deserves respect and thanks.”

“Every woman should learn about the world of wine. Being confident about wine is sexy, a professional asset and crucial in discovering your wine style. Talking about wine means you never run out of casual conversation. It is the one thing people always have an opinion on and love to talk about. From travel experiences to their personal wine cellar, it’s always a hot topic of conversation.“

Two of my favourite four letter words are ‘wine’ and ‘love.’ They are both complicated and beautiful and require time and patience to grow into something unique with each passing year. Sometimes it might not be exactly what you expect, but it’s always something you can appreciate and learn from.”


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