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Interior designer Jacqueline Glass knew she was an artist ever since she began decorating her bedroom as a child.

”I didn’t realize it as the time, but I’ve been like this since I was a little girl,” she says of her creative personality. “My dad taught me how to use paint stripper and we would have regular family outings to Sears, where I would buy comforters, bed linen and wallpaper. I come from a family of illustrators, so there has always been that artistic influence.”

What she didn’t realize, was that those early influences would lead to a career not only as a designer, but also unexpected stints as a teacher and blogger to making regular appearances on Citytv’s Cityline.

“I yearned to be an artist, even when I was a business major at Durham College.” Glass says of her first career choice before attending George Brown College for its prestigious interior design program. “I crossed over to the communications arts because it was more creative.”

In her early 20s, Glass purchased her first home, yet didn’t know it would lead to her current success. When people started complimenting her work on her personal home decor and began hiring her to share her talents, she knew she had a future in design.

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“Taking courses and evening classes and learning techniques like sponge painting are all a part of the process in building credibility and a name for yourself,” the designer says.  Glass believes education was a necessary part of her growth.  She adds, “you need academics to support your talent. Honing your skills in sewing and painting are a part of the initiation if you are serious about your craft.” By the time she was 25, she registered her first design company.

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Glass has developed unique ideas from travel, applying various facets of culture to client projects.  She finds cultural inspiration from European history, architecture in London and French bistros. Fundamental elements from fabric books, watching how people dress, window shopping and magazines like House Beautiful and Elle Decor are among the other things that influence Ms. Glass’ strong creativity.

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“When my team and I design, I keep in mind that I want to do spaces that will look great ten years from now,” she states.

For this editorial, Glass’ clients Sylvia and Frank were downsizing from a house to a condo. Her senior designer, Pia Hugglestone, spearheaded the project, emphasizing that the client “loves white and wanted to start fresh.”

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“Getting to know them is part of the process, because I don’t want someone to spend $200 000 on a kitchen when they are only going to be there for three years,” she says of engaging with her clientele.

One of the unexpected surprises of her career so far, is her regular appearances on Cityline, which has taught her how to multi-task and given her authority through tangible proof of the love invested in her work.


“Recognizing your true passion is one of the hardest things to do and if you are lucky enough to figure that out you are ahead of the game,” Glass says of the big picture that shapes her career.


The innovative designer’s outlook on life is like entering a philosophy class. It’s so interesting you want to earn an A. Her message is simple:  “If you want to turn your life’s passion into a life’s work , you have to love it enough to do it fulltime. By doing this you can see better if your love is what you want to do for your life.”


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