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A La Mère de Famille Paris


A La Mère de Famille, founded in 1976 is now the oldest chocolate and candy shop in Paris.  It has been acquired in 2000 and run since then by family.

Parisian storefront with beautiful picturesque window displays that draw shoppers in with its stacks of exquisite tins and boxes of confections. A La Mère de Famille produces its own chocolates, calissons, nougate, fruit jellies, toffees, marzipan and many more delicious treats.

Offering a range of Ice Creams both traditional and innovative flavors like black sesame and pistachio with calissons bits, chocolate sorbet, chocolate-mint, and chocolate with candied orange and a hint of vodka.

Going further in mastering quality and production, A La Mère de Famille recently integrated the first steps of cocoa transformation in acquiring a manufacture changing cocoa into chocolate. serving their finest chocolate recipes.

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A La Mère de Famille has several other locations in Paris, but a visit to the original shop is a must for lovers of Paris and chocolate alike.

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